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Shipping costs are at an all-time high and impacting order processing nationwide. Cross-docking with Arco is an intelligent way to solve this by maximizing load capacity and efficiency for your order fulfillment operation.

Arco Storage & Transfer is centrally located in Tulsa, Oklahoma only 90 seconds off of major highways and interstates (I-44, I-244, US-75, US-169, US-412). We are a customer-centric cross-dock facility that can help improve your supply chain management.

What is cross-docking?

Cross-docking is a logistics service where manufacturer/supplier loads are distributed directly to customers with minimal time and storage in between. This removes the need for warehousing storage space in the supply chain and helps to reduce labor costs.Not all types of warehouses offer this service, but Arco’s warehouse operations work as a storage facility and as a distribution center.

When is cross-docking used?

Cross-docking takes place in our docking terminal (inbound and outbound sides) and can be broken down into four different use cases:


This starts with sorting inbound product loads from suppliers in a staging area. Once sorted, the product is distributed directly onto outbound trucks without the need to store goods. Continuous (or “hub and spoke”) cross-docking is fast and extremely efficient when coordinated by Arco’s inventory management team.


Similar to cross-docking, transloading is the process of sending additional trucks with the one carrying freight. At our docks, we offload Truck A, reload onto Trucks B and C, and eliminate the need for short-term storage.

Consolidation Arrangement

This involves combining multiple smaller loads into a single shipment to save on transport costs and simplify delivery for the end customer.

Deconsolidation Arrangement

The opposite of consolidation, this is where large loads of products are split into smaller ones. This maximizes loads for drivers and simplifies the delivery process for customers.

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What are the benefits of cross-docking?

Reduce Costs

Eliminate storage costs and increase transport profitability.

Save Time

Bypass the added time of warehousing and get there faster.

Minimize Risk

Reduce human touchpoints with extremely accurate processes for fulfillment peace of mind.

Increase Efficiency

Shift from expensive LTL freight (less than truckload) to consolidated truckloads to deliver simpler and smarter.